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Embracing faith, inclusiveness, justice and creativity

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Church Services on Sundays at 10:30am and 7:30pm

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Paddington Uniting Church is a diverse community of people exploring faith, inclusiveness, justice and creativity in our inner-city context. The Church runs a wide range of community programs as well as its worship life, and is active in a range of social and environmental justice projects, in order to witness to Christ in a broken world.

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The Chapel Space: The church is a unique & beautiful venue, an eye catching open plan layout with gorgeous stain glass windows creating an intimate but edgy atmosphere. Available for Concerts, Corporate Launches, Conferences & Weddings. This venue has hosted some incredible artists including Florence & the Machine, John Mayer, Jet & Lady Gaga. It is the perfect venue to create an unforgettable event!
The Hall Space: The Hall is the perfect venue for your next function or party with a full commercial kitchen and plenty of space inside & outside to cater for all your event needs.

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  1. Marriage Equality

    Paddington Uniting Church – As a congregation supports Marriage Equality. I can’t believe we are still seeking equality in our day and age for LGBTI people. Conservative voices, like the ACL have mounted a campaign against the safe schools program, which I hope is not a symbol of the upcoming...
  2. Annual Report and Mission Plan

    Annual report and Mission Plan Members of the Congregation gathered on the 7th of August to approve the budget, receive the annual reports and to receive the Mission Planning consultation report. We resolved to continue to work and refine on the mission plan with a small working party. We resolved...

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Rev Ben’s Reflection on faith being a work of art.

What if we started to think about faith, less in terms of doctrine, rules and regulations, but more as a work of art? What if prayer was less about partitioning a higher power and more about entering the creative flow of God, with all our human desire, dreams and experience? What if we had less teachers telling us what to think, but more poets and musicians, painters and sculptors inviting us to deeper reflection. What if our preaching was more soul-full, like a piece of jazz or the blues, that speaks to an embodied truth beyond words? What if we see the Christian faith less as the striving for a holy morality or just society and more like of a community that practices with intention the art of being and reflecting well with all of creation. What if Jesus’ ways were more for the travellers and explorers than a fixed systematic planned route. What if this Jesus way is motivated by the great mystery of generous, hospitable and non-possessive but deep belonging, creative love… above any self-justifying plan?
What if repentance and being fruitful are more akin to an artist starting again, trying again, and again, seeking that creative flow?
What if faith is a work of art, and we are caught up in her story, movement and reflection. What if faith is the art of transforming substances at the impulse of the creator Spirit and being transformed in the process ourselves.
What if faith never gratifies certitude, but teaches us to sing, play and dance with others well. What if faith never gives us clear answers but opens up new creative ways.
What if faith is more like a work of art?


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